Fall 2018 Class Graduation!

Tuesday, December 11th in Lobdell Dining Hall
Phil Gatchell cued 7pm early round dancing, and round dance throughout.
Ted Lizotte called final teach at 8pm, then Graduation Hacks & then Ceremony followed. Kat Dutton led the Grand March. Then the Graduation awarding, cake & punch, Graduates Photos, more dance!


Class Hacks (done by Club to Graduating Class):

Patter: 'No Hands' hack - All calls done without any hand touches

Singer: ‘Generous’ hack (a C3b concept call) On the 1st arm turn, execute with one quarter turn extra. Done on cross fire, dixie style, relay the deucey, and spin chain & exchange the gears. Ted offered ‘Very Generous’ Do the quarter turn extra on EVERY turn. Done on swing thru in particular.

Club Hacks (done by Class to the Club):

Patter: ‘Flower Hit Man’ When someone outside the square hands you a flower, you leave the square and wait outside til someone gives you a flower(so you can make a hit yourself). You then choose a target person(often a club member helped them find a good spot for entry) and re-enter.

Singer: ‘Roll-Away’ hack. Do a roll-away at the end of each singer segment – which switches your ‘gender’ position for next dance. (thus it is done 7 times per tip)

Photo Credits: Heidi Clark, Kendall Watts, and Bill Holt.